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SEO services Calgary.  Google SEO website optimization, is a highly-sought-after service our clients in Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria find priceless.  iCatcher makes it easy for sales prospects to discover your website. When your potential prospects search keywords and keyword 'strings' that match your site's optimized content, keywords, titles, articles, links etc., it's iCatcher's job to see  to it that your website (websites) appear highest in the returned search rankings.

There are over 200 elements associated with Google's ever changing, somewhat secretive search algorithms. iCatcher understands the big picture having followed closely along with search engine technology since witnessing the dawn of the public search engine (such as Open Text, Lycos and Altavista in the early to mid 90's) and the subsequent arrival of Yahoo, then Google and now Bing - alongs with many, many more companies. SEO services at iCatcher begin with a phone consultation - phone Mark at 403.688.1612

SEO for Google

google search optimize
Google has over 200 search criteria that make up their ever changing search algorithms.

SEO for Mobiles

mobile seo
Soon the majority of searches will be mobile searches - iCatcher Design gets you ready with an advanced "responsive" web site design - inquire now

Website SEO Company in Calgary

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Keyword GENERATION Key Word integration is just a small part of the SEO equation
content optimization
CONTENT AUTHORING FOR SEO iCatcher knows how to write content optimized for Search Engines
meta tags seo
Meta Tag GeneratION If Meta Tags are a mystery to you, we clear up the mystery search
SEO linking
LinkS Relevant url links are best - cross linked to your website
keyword density
Keyword Density Your content should have the proper density of key words for optimization
website developers
MULTI-TIER SEO STRATEGIES Our proven strategies to keep you on top of the Search Engine Rankings
search results
PAGE TITLEs These have to be descriptive, brief and contain no SEO "stop" words
site map submission
SITEMAP CREATION & SUBMISSION An important step in telling the Search Engines what your site is about
robots text file
Robots.txt CREATION These are basically notes for the search engine crawling your site
optimize my website
SECURE SERVER Ask us about the benefits of a secure server for your website (websites)
crawler testing
Spider / CRAWLER TestING We test your site to see what the search engines see
content seo
CONTINUAL UPDATES Continually updating your content helps boost your search ranking
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WEBMASTER TOOLS & ANALYTICS Utilizing Webmaster Tools you will monitor how your site is performing